Martina is former SAP consultant who followed her passion for beauty+makeup & freedom & personal development and created her own profitable home based business and career with American cosmetics company.

She started in her 21 and through her work with team, her own clients led her to questions about how to increase productivity and results of individuals, whole team, herself, without needing to work more, or sacrificing personal life.

She was led to discovering of different methods and techniques that gave her the answers to: How to have it all.

So she put them together and wrote book “I Choose Dream Life” in Slovak language … a guide book how to let your dreams come true with Ease.

She is still actively growing, training and sharing success and beauty tips with her amazing team MIRACLES in SK,CZ and newly in HUNGARY.

She is still doing Makeup for occasions, makeup courses and classes, taking care of her clients - and their beauty with skincare classes, makeup classes, selling and delivering hypoallergenic Mary Kay Cosmetics that she is using by herself 20+ years and has great success on skin of her clients.

She is passionate about sharing knowledge with others  through her classes, courses, mentoring, coaching - How to discover their Own Strengths, How to tap into their True Potential, How to follow their Own Path to Success in life and business using power of FOCUSED MINDSET + Emotions and Self-coaching and also all Secret to beautiful skin, makeup tips, and How to have enough energy and vitality to pursue your dreams and keep you happiness.

You could see her on TV Markíza, TV JOJ, TV RTVS and in magazines as Eva, Emma.

She attended different seminars all over the world focused on personal power, mindset, opening intuition, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), communication techniques, Emotions, Attraction Marketing, Law of Attraction, Video Marketing, Social Marketing, Offline Strategies for success, Creating your Brand... with mentors as Tony Robbins /usa, au,uk/, Peter Montoya/usa/, Ray and Jess Higdon /usa/, Marc Acceta /hu, sp/, Mark Komissarov /cz/, Tim Sales /usa/, Doreen Virtue /usa/, Luboš Kadlec /sk/ and others.

Also she attended makeup training and courses led by Petr Lukeš /cz/, Lukáš Kimlička /sk/, Luis Casco /usa/, Gabriel Moura /br/.

Except of doing makeup for Weddings, Proms, Balls, Photoshoots ...
She did makeup for Finalist of MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA,
for models of Bratislava Fashion Days,
for finalist of Tv Program Slovak of the Year,
fashion show in the SKY for LE BARON (fashion show during flight), fashion show for Lydia Eckhardt, cooperation with KEMPINSKI, HILTON, MERCEDES, KIA, Golf Tournaments, TELEKOM, SLOVAKIA RING HARLEY DAVIDSON,
she did makeup for celebrities for premieres of BONTONFILM movie company in cinemas,
she is doing makeup for recording Fitness VIDEOS for portal,
doing makeup for their fitness trainers when going to TV, as mentor at fit events - showing how to do makeup for work . PLUS co-operation with photographs as Roman Placintar, Ricco, Ivan Balaj, Michal Turčanský.