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There is time, when you just want to look even more fabulous. And that is MY job :) ... to enhace your beauty.
I do Wedding Makeup, Ball Makeup, Prom Makeup, Makeup for photoshoots
and also for companies, events, or videoproduction ... simple whatever you need.  

for reservation and info call  +421 918 51 60 20   (whatsapp, viber, telegram)

You can check som of my work on  INSTAGRAM @Martina.Lamos.Visage
and for VIDEOS  - CLICK HERE.  
ps.As member of our team MIRACLES you are receiving education in beauty, skincare and makeup + business strategies to support your own success. 

They say, that I have GIFT .... to enhance the individual essence of personality with makeup.
And that is what i love to do. I want to create makeup that ENHANCES your beauty and does not take attention on itself ... but compliments you. 

svadobné líčenie

Just be the most beautiful BRIDE. Make up needs to be fixated to stay no matter how much fun you will have ... and still naturally looking. It is the day when you just are the STAR. 
We talk about your vision, have a look at your dress and hair and we match with make up to all of it. 
Contact me for more info. 

líčenie na príležitosti

We create makeup that you will be stunning. We discuss your vision, go through your dress, hair and create something special for you and your personality. 
What do you want to feel like in that makeup? 
Do you want to be Sexy, or Chic, or Sophisticate or Innocent ? :) 
Lets talk. Contact me for details.

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Company events with makeup session are always so adored. Women want to look and feel good and during your event for employees or clients I will deliver presentation with practical demonstration or just I will do makeovers. I can come with my team to - if we need to cover more people.
Makeover for employees or vip clients are beautiful rewards that shows them that you care about their wellbeing. Makeup is more than just lipstic ... it connects to woman soul and makes her feel so much better. When she likes how she looks.  Contact me for more details. I prepare special program just for you and your company. Price will be discussed. 


Experience makeover with beautiful new makeup a bit of styling of your hair and add some pictures.  Its just "YOU" time. 
We will discuss details - contact me. 

Send me message 
or call me +421 918 51 60 20