Our Team Miracles with Mary Kay was created in 2003 by Martina Lamos, who decided to start and join this amazing opportunity during her University Studies as part-time extra stream of income. With no previous experience in sales, beauty, skincare or business ... but with dream in her heart and open mind to learn what is needed to succeed ...she started. Started small ... but moved forward step by step, on her own speed. In perfect timing she attracted her first clients, and new team members who wanted the same benefits for themselves. After finishing her University, she started to work as SAP consultant and after 6 months she realized that she fell in love with THIS and decides to go ALL IN and pursue BEAUTY CAREER with Mary Kay Cosmetics. The main reason was FREEDOM. Creating and living life on her own term and the way she want it to be and in a way she love to live.  And when she decided ... all things lined up and right people showed up, circumstances supported her vision ... and so she is sharing this opportunity that changed her life for good with others ... to give them opportunity to change theirs.

And this is how our team was created and it is still expanding since then.
We have passion for beauty and sharing it with others. Making our life and this world even more beautiful. 
Each of us is individual. Each of us is different and that is what makes us so POWERFUL.
And that makes us UNSTOPPABLE
We are step by step walking toward our DREAMS with absolute KNOWING. 
We are inspiration to each other.
We applaud success wherever we see it and we believe in abundance of resources for everyone.
We believe that in everybody is born with gifts and talents and abilities to be SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY and PROSPEROUS despite of circumstances. 
We believe that we have potential to accomplish anything we dream of. 
We believe that the right PATH will find us in the moment we are ready for it.
We believe that is up to us ... to create life we are eager to LIVE.

We welcome with enthusiasm all of YOU - who are and WILL BE JOINING US - to pursue your own passions and dreams through vehicle of this pink Mary Kay Opportunity in your country. 

We wish you Amazing Journey and LET'S HAVE A LOT OF FUN.

in this video below - you see the best moments of our Inspirational Team Workshops
we did in the past to learn MINDSET, SKILLS and BEAUTY to help us accomplish our desires.

PS. I learned that opportunities do not exist for those who receive them, but for those who see them.

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